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This is a story about the feeling that Made in Italy design is able to evoke and about the balance of the ingredients that, like in a perfect recipe, make truly unique the experience of looking at an object, touching it and plunging into its mood.
This is a story about a family, one that orbits around two Italian enlightened entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti; it’s about the DNA characterizing the Italian family companies, sprouting from the love of a material and carrying around the manufacturing culture.
This family story starts from the hide passion and grows thanks to the human capital, the people with whom you constantly work and measure yourself. This is a young story, dating back only to 1990, but looking way back in time, to a century-old entrepreneurial tradition, flourished on the Como Lake fertile land, that has always been producing the excellence in furniture for aristocracy first and middle class after, and that today pursues in its creations for all the beauty lovers.
This is a 100% Italian story beaming into the international panorama, one that starts from the reinterpretation of the English taste and evolves, through the art of leather working and shaping, into the production of unique collections.
This is the story of Baxter.

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ATMOSPHERA is an outdoor design brand and has been a reference point for the international market for over 15 years, dictating style and refinement. It continually searches for innovative solutions, exploring multiple situations, complex markets and different cultures: from the home environment to hospitality spaces, from the world of wellness to the care of public spaces in a professional environment.
All products are designed and developed in our Design & Marketing Area by a devoted team, since we believe in the strong relationship between company identity and product. Ideas are born from experiences, travels, and all outside environment in constant development: our designers draw on all that, creating objects that reflect our culture, our wish to be part of the world.

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Research, style and quality are the three main characteristics of Talenti products: pieces of furniture and accessories for comfortable outdoor living, carefully designed to redraw the fine line between indoor and outdoor furniture. Talenti products come from the creativity of internationally renowned designers who know how to interpret the customers’ desires and anticipate market trends. Each piece of furniture has been created with scrupulous attention to detail: from the choice of fabrics to the variety of colours and the resistance of the materials. Choosing a piece of Talenti garden furniture or a furnishing accessory means to have the opportunity to experience the beauty and the coziness of a unique design, created to allow you to enjoy moments of open-air well-being.

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Bonacina 1889 OUTdoor Collection, conceived to bring the Brand timeless taste and unique codes to the outdoors, with a savvy combination of historical Archives and innovative materials.
The story unfolds through Bonacina’s family own eyes. At the very heart of the Brand, the fourth generation leads today the visionary project of reconnecting with the past, continuously exploring new horizons.
Dreamy atmospheres and natural landscapes perfectly frame the multi-faceted identity of Bonacina 1889, made of environmental responsibility, sensitivity to Design, human stories and connections and constant research of excellence. 

Giovanni Bonacina started his business in 1889 in Lurago d’Erba, located in a hilly, fertile part of the area north of Milan known as Brianza, combining two traditional crafts practiced in the area, basketry and furniture making, using the local materials reed and cane, with rattan from Southeast Asia. His hard work and experience produced excellent results, and his efforts were rewarded with awards in international expositions and numerous important commissions.

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B—Line is a company, brainchild of its founder, Giorgio Bordin, that restores life to several historical icons of design on the Italian scenario. These are works that have disappeared over the years, made obsolete by the unrelenting ferment of the market that is brimming with innovation. Of the products re-edited, some have made history “contaminating” many facets of art and design, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby.
From the very beginning, side by side with its re-editions, B—Line places contemporary furnishing accessories, resulting from collaborations with international designers. Tangible, factual and transversal projects that have the responsibility and honour to co-exist with the great cornerstones of design and to encourage, in terms of style and character, a smooth switch from home environments to working spaces and from outdoors to indoors, areas that are increasingly hybrid and mercurial, as demanded by contemporary lifestyles.

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