1968 – present

future is evolution: forms and materials chase each other to give life to exclusive creations that come to life from the encounter between art and industrial production, between air and technical processes. The leap into creativity has no limits and the result is always different and unique.
This is the story of a family: the Granchi family, one of those Italian families that in the economic fabric of Italy constitute the “vital hub” of companies that are born from the love for the product they create. It all started in the ’60s with a very small company. Paolo and Gianna, husband and wife, founded SIGMA L2 that with care and craftsmanship started to produce lights, vases, objects and furnishings in ceramics. The sons of Paolo and Gianna had to enter the company very young, in 1993, after the premature death of their father, they continued the path of stylistic research that he set forth. They grew professionally under the guidance of their mother and, with time, lead the company to open to new developments, making it increasingly eclectic, dynamic and exclusive, while preserving the cultural peculiarity of the artisan manufacture. Distinguished by the small Crab that has become a symbol of the brand, they introduced innovative processes, resulting in new and daring combinations of materials. Ceramic is now mixed with brass and iron, glass and crystal, wood and marble, hard stones and leather.

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The company has over time built its recognition in the decorative lighting sector by expanding its catalog, initially composed of pieces with a classic elegance and the use of crystal, with an eclectic and varied proposal. Italamp develops and manufactures products entirely in Italy that stand out for their distinct personality and for the use of artisanal techniques that guarantee the highest quality and uniqueness of each creation. Italamp’s is a story made of dedication and a solid vision, oriented to loyalty to its essence that becomes a drive for growth, and of strong ties – represented by the presence of the family and an internal and external network of historical collaborations.
Today Italamp’s proposal is represented by two catalogs, Incanto – where the deep knowledge and extensive experience in glass making is at the service of design with a sophisticated and contemporary style and Opera which includes the company’s “timeless” collections, with a classic design but capable of interpreting the most current trends in terms of interiors.

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A visionary man named Guido de Majo, having escaped from the atrocities of World War II, finds himself in Venice. Originally from Naples, Guido had a great spirit of adaptability, and a precise vision. In 1947, fascinated by the unique artistic tradition of the Venetian Lagoon, he founded a glass furnace with all the money he had – with the mission of changing Murano glass forever.

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This is a story about the feeling that Made in Italy design is able to evoke and about the balance of the ingredients that, like in a perfect recipe, make truly unique the experience of looking at an object, touching it and plunging into its mood.
This is a story about a family, one that orbits around two Italian enlightened entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti; it’s about the DNA characterizing the Italian family companies, sprouting from the love of a material and carrying around the manufacturing culture.
This family story starts from the hide passion and grows thanks to the human capital, the people with whom you constantly work and measure yourself. This is a young story, dating back only to 1990, but looking way back in time, to a century-old entrepreneurial tradition, flourished on the Como Lake fertile land, that has always been producing the excellence in furniture for aristocracy first and middle class after, and that today pursues in its creations for all the beauty lovers.
This is a 100% Italian story beaming into the international panorama, one that starts from the reinterpretation of the English taste and evolves, through the art of leather working and shaping, into the production of unique collections.
This is the story of Baxter.

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Ulivii Salotti. a leading Italian manufacturer of furnishings, was created in 1972 in the heart of Tuscany,
the region well known worldwide as the cradle of Italian art and culture, and the source of a unique and unmistakable lifestyle. At Ulivi they make the most of the company’s great experience in choosing exclusive leathers and processing fine solid woods. The goal always is to create iconic products, made with extreme care and attention to detail.

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1979 – present

Located in the Basque Country (Spain), B.lux is a leader in production of contemporary design lamps. Design and the status as a manufacturer constitute the cornerstones of the B.lux organizational strategy. 
There are three major components comprising the company’s offerings for the residential and the contract markets: Decorative Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Outdoor Lighting.



From 1972, developing increasingly unique creations, Stillux makes lighting fixtures in a wide variety of styles. Their product line consists of five collections with names invoking thoughts of high art, public admiration, new beginnings and scientific environments. Within each, an impressive range of lighting fixtures to be discovered, created to illuminate spaces where we live, work and enjoy life.

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Mazzega1946’s roots are in Murano, the island of glass masters who still today preserve the centuries-old techniques of glass processing by hand.
Mazzega1946 today refers to a global niche market, offering lighting products that last over time, faithful to the island’s tradition, exploring innovative and contemporary content.

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The sophisticated design and the choice of the finest materials are the distinctive elements of LaraMeroni Lamps. Particular attention is paid to metals, especially copper and brass, worked by hand to enhance their precious essence. Their collection includes Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Pendants, Spotlights, Ceiling and Wall Lamps.


by Cornelio Cappellini

Italy has a centuries-old tradition in furniture manufacturing and Brianza District, where Cornelio Cappellini was born and still has its headquarters, is absolutely the most important area in the production of high-end furniture.
The product ’Made in Italy’ concept is a fundamental value for Cornelio Cappellini and it is respected at every production stage, from the design to the final realization of each piece.
Cornelio Cappellini is an Italian “family company” of contemporary furniture founded during the Fifties of the last century in Brianza, an area near Milan considered a world leader district for its extraordinary creativity. The company owes its name to the founder Mr. Cornelio Cappellini.
With the birth of the new collection Hessentia, a new team has been created within the company and soon extended its activity to participating in the creation of new products and in the research of new materials. Thanks to the techniques and production secrets of the great artisans working in the company., the Hessentia collection is an excellent testament to the company’s ability to stay relevant in every century.