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Talenti is an Italian company known internationally as a company specialized in design and manufacture of outdoor furniture.
Founded in 2004 by Fabrizio Cameli, Talenti furniture anticipates design trends, successfully experiments with innovative technologies and materials and traces the path of design furniture. The sophisticated and refined look of Talenti furniture breaks the fine line between outdoor and indoor. Unique furnishing elements that have the charm of the interior and at the same time the natural beauty of the exterior, collections that adapt perfectly to any outdoor environment, both contract and residential, and meet different styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

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ATMOSPHERA is an outdoor design brand and has been a reference point for the international market for over 15 years, dictating style and refinement. It continually searches for innovative solutions, exploring multiple situations, complex markets and different cultures: from the home environment to hospitality spaces, from the world of wellness to the care of public spaces in a professional environment.
All products are designed and developed in our Design & Marketing Area by a devoted team, since we believe in the strong relationship between company identity and product. Ideas are born from experiences, travels, and all outside environment in constant development: our designers draw on all that, creating objects that reflect our culture, our wish to be part of the world.

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