This is a story about the feeling that Made in Italy design is able to evoke and about the balance of the ingredients that, like in a perfect recipe, make truly unique the experience of looking at an object, touching it and plunging into its mood.
This is a story about a family, one that orbits around two Italian enlightened entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti; it’s about the DNA characterizing the Italian family companies, sprouting from the love of a material and carrying around the manufacturing culture.
This family story starts from the hide passion and grows thanks to the human capital, the people with whom you constantly work and measure yourself. This is a young story, dating back only to 1990, but looking way back in time, to a century-old entrepreneurial tradition, flourished on the Como Lake fertile land, that has always been producing the excellence in furniture for aristocracy first and middle class after, and that today pursues in its creations for all the beauty lovers.
This is a 100% Italian story beaming into the international panorama, one that starts from the reinterpretation of the English taste and evolves, through the art of leather working and shaping, into the production of unique collections.
This is the story of Baxter.

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Ulivi Salotti

Ulivii Salotti. a leading Italian manufacturer of furnishings, was created in 1972 in the heart of Tuscany,
the region well known worldwide as the cradle of Italian art and culture, and the source of a unique and unmistakable lifestyle. At Ulivi they make the most of the company’s great experience in choosing exclusive leathers and processing fine solid woods. The goal always is to create iconic products, made with extreme care and attention to detail.

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Frezza’s history is rooted in the best “Made in Italy” artisan traditions. It all began in 1954, with the creation of a small family-run furniture factory near Treviso. Over the years the company grew following an ongoing passion for beauty and innovation.
Production soon focused on office furniture solutions. Starting from the 70s Frezza’s office furniture gained increasing market shares, being appreciated by a wide range of customers thanks to its original and affordable products.
In 1992 Frezza, which had also become internationally renowned, was acquired by the Doimo family. A strong investment policy further enhanced the strengths of the brand in the interest of technology and ergonomic research.
During the same period a new company called Emmegi, specialized in office chairs, was acquired, sharing from that moment Frezza’s vision and completing its production in close synergy.
Frezza is one of the biggest Italian industrial realities in the professional furnishing field. Thanks to incessant stylistic research and multiple collaborations with important designers, Frezza products have established themselves in working environments all over the world as symbols of Italian reliability, beauty and quality.

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The Fratelli Mariani di Valerio Company was founded in 1957 by four Mariani brothers in Brianza, Italy.
In 1983 the Company changed the name and became i 4 Mariani inc., as the second generation joined the Company. Esther, Isa, Marina, Assunta, Samuele, Ambrogio, Valerio, Stefano, the new management class carries on the values established by the four Mariani brothers. Work, family, innovation and tradition.
Known for its executive desks, I 4 Mariani has one of the largest and the most robust selection of desk office systems for home and commercial offices.

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Martex is a maker of office furniture for commercial and residential markets. The story of Martex entwines with the most important evolution cycles that have characterized the development of the design and furniture; for 50 years Martex has been curious about this scenario, grasping the signs of change and innovation, which represent the daily stimulus for the continuous evolution of its products.
Martes uses processes with a lower environmental impact favoring the use of natural, recyclable materials from controlled and certified crops.
The wood conglomerate that is used for the production of the panels, falls within the class CARB P2 and meets the standards for the ANSI / BIFMA emissions as established by the LEED certification compared to the credit IEQ4.5.

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Eighty years of history, experience, experimentation, evolution and glowing references

Estel’s history began in 1937, and from a tiny artisanal workshop it quickly turned into a pioneer of the Italian home furniture sector.
Thanks to its technical know-how, innovative design, organization and logistical platform, Estel’s way of working embodies the values of Italian made production: attention to design, function and materials to guarantee aesthetics and long-lasting durability.

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For almost forty years, the fasem brand has been synonymous with high-quality metal and leather chairs and accessories: objects handcrafted by great Master of Design. All processes are carried out in Tuscany using the best materials available on the market: leather and full-grain leather, metal and steel for long life and great aesthetic results, and hand-turned wood.
Each product is individually checked to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. Customer service is equally attentive, and we offer the possibility of customized processing. The fasem brand products furnish private homes, executive offices, hotels, clubs, bars and prestigious restaurants in over sixty countries around the world: timeless objects made to last forever.

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Sculptures Jeux is about playing with spaces, objects, colors and materials. Sculptures Jeux embraces the green concept, using a photovoltaic system to support 70% of their production. All of their panels and blocks’ suppliers are FSC certified, and the biomass’ combustion resulting from the processing warms their offices and workplaces. Each Sculptures Jeux product is CARB type 2 and EPA TSCA title IV certified. Sculptures Jeux offers a range of green home office products that are often space saving and/or multifunctional.

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